Minneapolis St Paul Airport

According to the spokesman for the Minneapolis St. Paul International airport, you can smoke e cigs at their airport.  Specifically, they have stated at “State law governs indoor smoking but does not address electronic cigarettes, nor have we chosen at this point to govern their use by ordinance.”

Tampa Airport

Tampa airport allows you to smoke ecigs in the public.  If the Tampa airport should change it policy and not allow people to continue to smoke e cig then we will update our post here.  But in the mean time, the best thing to always do when going to any airport is to call them and ask them if they permit you to smoke your e cigarette.


Airport Rules Around the World

When you fly into an airport anywhere in the world you’ll want to find out their specific rules about smoking and ecigs. They may have designated areas where you’re allowed to smoke or may possibly even allow you to use your electronic cigarette anywhere.

Lets take a look at several examples of airports to see what they allow.

The use of electronic cigarettes has not been prohibited in Copenhagen Airport, but at least one airline (Scandinavian Airlines) has decided to ban their use on board flights.

In Latvia, the Ministry of Health has warned that the e-cigarette can cause harm to cardiovascular, hepatic and renal systems, however, e-cigarettes are legal, and are sold in most shopping centers and at Riga’s airport, as well as via the internet to individuals at least 18 years old.

United Airlines has a policy banning the use of electronic cigarettes on their flights.